Artificial intelligence between fantasy and reality: here is a list of books and courses for children and parents to familiarize with this technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) arouses as much enthusiasm as fear, but ultimately few people are aware of the current real facts around this technology. Today AI is found in multiple fields and it affects everyone, therefore it has become essential that each of us, including our children, become aware of what AI is and what it means for our daily life and our future. That’s why, with all these fantasies and misconceptions around AI, Digital Kidz is providing a list of books and videos that aim to improve everyone’s knowledge about this technology. The reason why we provide this list is because AI is also one of the fastest growing fields in computer science, so it seems important to discuss this topic as early as possible with children while making sure that parents also understand. You’ll also find links to some extremely well-made MOOCs and videos for kids and adults on this same topic.


L’intelligence artificielle c’est quoi?

This book offers 80 pages to discover Artificial Intelligence. In 80 pages and through 4 chapters (history of Artificial Intelligence, its importance at the global level, its different forms and the reflections to be carried out around this new technology), this book offers to discover Artificial Intelligence. With a wide variety of illustrations, experts’ interviews, articles, but also games, and quizzes, this publication tackles the complex subject of AI simply and playfully.

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Alice et les mystères du futur: ou comment l’intelligence artificielle fonctionne

In this book, the children will meet Alice who welcomes a robot into her family. This robot seems to be able to do a lot of things and answer a lot of questions, yet this robot does not know how to climb stairs. This is what will arouse Alice’s curiosity, who will seek answers from her uncle, a researcher in artificial intelligence. Throughout this story, young readers will discover with Alice how self-learning machines and autonomous cars work, as well as what differentiates humans from robots.

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« Hello Ruby: à la découverte du coding »

Written and illustrated by the Finnish developer Linda Liuka, “Hello Ruby” is a series of children’s books. Thanks to the latter, toddlers can learn programming and develop an interest in activities related to new technologies and the web.

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Have you seen a self-driving car?

Written by two women engineers, this book explains how self-driving cars work, as well as their advantages and challenges. It is a nice journey with beautiful illustrations around a technology that is at our doorstep. At Digital Kidz, we love this book that prepares children and parents alike for this technology. It also contains other educational and futuristic information that will stimulate children’s curiosity. More information

AI + Me

AI + Me is a series designed to introduce the 5 main ideas of artificial intelligence to children between 6 and 12 years old. Through these 5 books, young readers discover the 5 main ideas of AI (perception, representation and reasoning, learning, natural interaction, and social impact). The pictures very well illustrate the examples which are easy to understand using clear terminology. Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest-growing areas in computer science and it will become more and more cross-cutting. That is why we find it interesting to address this topic as early as possible with children.  The approach of this 5-book series will certainly stir up interest and curiosity among children in elementary and secondary school alike. More information

Artificial Intelligence for Kids

Tinker Toddlers is a series of books designed to introduce science and computer concepts to very young children.  The book “Artificial Intelligence for Kids”, is a great way to introduce basic concepts of artificial intelligence in a simple and fun way. At Digital Kidz, we love and recommend this book because it is visually stimulating with easy texts that help and encourage children’s curiosity about this technology. This book also allows parents to use simple ideas and words to explain new technologies to their children. More information

Wie KI unser Leben verändert

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is found in many fields and it affects everyone; therefore it is essential that each of us becomes aware of what AI is and what it means for our daily life and our future. With “100 questions about AI” divided into 6 chapters (Introduction to AI, AI in everyday life, AI at work, AI in mobility, AI in health, and AI in the world), author Peter Seeberg, provides answers by presenting the benefits and risks of AI in various fields. At Digital Kidz, we very much like this format which arguably raises the most important questions related to AI and answers in a clear and sufficiently understandable way for the general public. More information

IA: enquête sur ces technologies qui changent nos vies

With a subject like artificial intelligence that sparks as much enthusiasm as fear, this book tries to provide facts about this subject. Concisely and simply, it outlines the latest advances in research and the possible changes that this new technology will bring shortly. Thanks to the intervention of many experts on the subject, the book provides a very interesting overview of the possibilities but also of the realities while relativizing the fantasies around AI and gives a more reasoned vision. At Digital Kidz, we highly recommend this quick and easy-to-read book to all (grand) parents wishing to learn about this subject objectively. More information

Homo deus, a brief history of tomorrow

Homo Deus is an adult book in our AI selection. The author warns of the rapid changes in our society today. In a broader register of new technologies of which artificial intelligence is a part, although it is older than we think, this essay imagines the changes that these will bring to our society.

After worldwide success with Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari imagines in this book Homo Deus, a brief history of the future, the future of humanity for better and for worse and brings a warning to the rapid changes of our current society. He tries to reflect on what our near future will look like when our humanity is optimized by the algorithms of multinational corporations, advanced technologies, overpowered computers, and robots or genetic manipulation. More information

Künstliche Intelligenz verstehen

This book highlights the opportunities and challenges of Artificial Intelligence, a technology that has become essential today and in the future. The authors propose to discover, through several chapters, essential points to better understand the potential of AI but also the framework and responsible conditions for making good use of it. Additionally, the book attempts to deepen one of the questions on AI by particularly dealing with its implementation in companies and various development strategies.

How AI works

This series of 7 short videos on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the result of a collaboration between Microsoft and It is a global approach to AI to give students from primary to secondary school, the opportunity to learn more about AI. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft introduces AI. She presents videos in which she shares the workings of AI and its importance in a simple manner. The videos are easy to understand by a young audience and non-AI experts. More information

Machine Learning for Kids

Machine Learning for Kids is a website that presents experiments and exercises for learning machine learning  with a systems based on the Scratch (a well-known platform for its approach to coding with visual blocks). Each project is accompanied by a guide and explanations (videos, screenshots, etc.) to demonstrate a real use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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“That’s AI”

“That’s AI” is a new free resource from EPFL Extension School that introduces you to the different facets of artificial intelligence. This platform offers an introduction to AI by topic and is divided into sub chapters of around ten minutes to cover the issue. This format allows you to quickly and at your own pace discover many aspects of AI.

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AI for everyone!

In this 4-week course, Andrew Ng, Founder of DeepLearning.AI and Co-Founder of Coursera invites you to discover AI and insists that it is not only intended for engineers. It is a recommended course for everyone as it covers different aspects of AI:

    • Machine learning, in-depth learning, and neural networks
    • A realistic perception of what AI can or cannot do
    • Opportunities to apply AI to solve problems
    • How to use AI and build a strategy in the company
    • Discuss the importance of ethics
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Elements of AI

Elements of AI is a series of free online courses translated into more than 10 European languages. Created by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki, it aims to encourage as many people as possible to discover the meaning of AI, but also to present the possibilities and limitations of this technology. The courses combine theory and practice and can be completed at your own pace. More information

AI Readiness Training

The Geneva-based ImpactIA Foundation’s mission is to encourage and accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence in a sustainable and ethical manner at work. In order to prepare the new generations for these unavoidable changes and to introduce them to the challenges of these new technologies (AI, robotics). The ImpactIA Foundation offers summer camps for 9-14 year olds. More information

It also offers courses for adults, in particular to better understand how artificial intelligence works and to enable them to acquire new skills. One of the Foundation’s many objectives is to ensure that we can work in cooperation with artificial intelligence in order to build a sustainable future. More information

L’Intelligence Artificielle pour Tous!

This French MOOC with English subtitles is intended for anyone wishing to understand what AI is. During this course, the following topics are covered:

    • The basics of AI
    • The field of application
    • New business models
    • New relationships at work
    • The AI skills of the employee
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Zumi is a user-friendly and affordable stand-alone car kit that facilitates the teaching of artificial intelligence (AI). It is a toy car that learns as you learn! The goal is to make artificial intelligence available and understandable to everyone. Artificial intelligence is present at each stage of life. Every time you use services such as Google Home, Alexa, a Tesla, and some mobile games, AI is present!

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