Digital Kidz Terms and Conditions!

Digital Kidz Terms and Conditions

Digital Kidz is a private website. We provide a multitude of information and tools on the issue of new technologies. These are subject to terms and conditions of use below and they apply to all users of our platform.

Limited liability

We do not guarantee the accuracy of the content of the information available on our website, let alone their updates.

Furthermore, we are not responsible for any disruption or inability you may have when using our website. We also decline any responsibility for any damage to your devices while browsing on our website.

We decline any responsibility if you leave our website by clicking on external links, newsletters and affiliated resources listed on our site. Indeed, Digital Kidz has no control over the activities and content they provide. We are not responsible for any consequences they may cause.

Accuracy and relevance of information

At Digital Kidz, we do our best to provide you with accurate information and verified content. To do this, we rely on third party websites, conduct extensive research and testing. We also take into account experts’ opinions.

Despite this, we would like to point out that details available on our website are provided for information purposes only and should not be your sole source of information. Indeed, we recommend you consulting other websites that provides information on the same subject.

Digital Kidz contributes to the spreading of new technologies by sharing as much information as possible on the subject. However, we do not replace the opinion of IT professionals, educators or psychologists, and disclaim any responsibility for incomplete information or updates on our site.

In addition, we are not responsible for the non-effectiveness of the advice provided to parents, and also decline any responsibility for the learning outcomes of coding if they are not productive.


Most pictures available on our website are our property. However, some pictures and videos illustrating resources may be the property of their publishers.

We authorize usage and consultation of our website for private use only. Any unauthorized reproduction, translation or distribution, or for commercial purposes, is prohibited.

Your personal data is safe!

Everybody online is concerned about the confidentiality of his information. You definitely wish that they are effectively protected, without the risk of being hacked. At Digital Kidz, we have your security at heart. We make sure that your personal data is perfectly safe and that they are not subject to risks. We are totally transparent and keep you informed on how we use your data.

We use cookies on our website. They are only active when you are logged in and they help us to know which pages on our site are frequently visited. Saving cookies is not mandatory. They work anonymously, without you having to register or submit your personal information.

We also offer the possibility to subscribe to our newsletter. They help you stay updated about important information. In order not to spam with too much information, you only receive emails 4 times a year. The reason behind this is, we take time to select the most important and relevant information to share. Each subscriber to our newsletter is registered by Infomaniak whose data is hosted in Switzerland.

Also, subscribing to our newsletter is not irrevocable. At any moment, you can cancel your subscription. To do so, you will simply click the “unsubscribe” link found at the bottom of each of our newsletter.

Legal Notice

Digital Kidz is a registered organization in the Bern canton. Our site is hosted in Switzerland by Infomaniak, and our brand and logo are subject to Intellectual Property law.

The games and products featured on Digital Kidz are registered trademarks and belong to their respective owners.

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