Practical Tips For Parents

Supporting your children in their digital learning through practical advice

As you surely know, new technologies are part of our daily lives and those of our children. With all the dangers that exist on the Internet and which concern the misuse of digital technology, it is important to provide them with good supervision, in the use and learning of digital technology. With this in mind, at Digital Kidz, we provide you parents, with the opportunity to guide your children through practical tips. In this sense, our mission is to provide you with quick and simple advice to put into practice. At your request and according to your wishes, we can also provide you with a list of organizations in Switzerland that offer further details. Do not hesitate to consult our “Prevention Organizations” section to find out more!

Practical advice for parents

To better support your children (young and old) in their digital learning, it is important that you master your central role as parents. This requires knowledge of the most important subjects related to new technologies. The advice we give you covers the following areas: