Digital Kidz Ambassador Program?

What is the Digital Kidz Ambassador Program?

The Digital Kidz Ambassador Program is a program that aims at encouraging parents to popularize or spread the positive use of new technologies and promote coding learning in children among their community.

As parents who care about the children’s well-being, we also encourage other parents to instill the love of programming in their children so that they become better digital actors.

The requirements to become a Digital Kidz Ambassador are not cumbersome and we don’t require parents to have programming skills. At Digital Kidz, we are looking for people who are willing, curious and enthusiastic about empowering children with technology.

Therefore, if you are curious and passionate about new technologies, whether or not you have programming skills and believe you are able to share the love for coding in your community, in your child’s school or in your village, our volunteer ambassador program is designed for you.

With the help of ambassadors, we will be able to create partnerships with institutions specializing in the teaching of new technologies, in order to offer extracurricular courses to children who don’t have the ability to access programming classes in urban centers, because of their geographic location.

Our program also offers the possibility of providing lessons at home. If you don’t have time to take your child to a computer course, or if there is no coding workshop in your region, we coordinate lessons with specialized institutions, in order to bring them to your home.

The program is not limited to parents only. Anyone can become an ambassador, including schools, municipalities, centers, etc.

If possible, we could organize a course for parents, to introduce them to coding like their children.

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What does it mean to be a Digital Kidz Ambassador?

Becoming Partner?

What are the responsibilities of a Digital Kidz Ambassador?

As a Digital Kidz Ambassador, you are responsible for:

  • Posting or sharing activities related to Digital Kidz or its partners, at least once a month on your respective social networks.
  • Communicating in your local communities (municipalities, schools, life centers, etc.) and sharing flyers about the program.
  • Supporting Digital Kidz through your creativity. This involves coming up with new ideas to make learning coding easy and spreading throughout your community and beyond.
  • Hosting at least 4 coding workshops for children, led by a Digital Kidz instructor partner specialized in teaching coding.
  • As a workshop organizer it will be your duty to ensure that, following the “Bring Your Own Device” model, each child has a laptop or a tablet offered by their respective parents.
  • Once a year, Digital Kidz will support you in organizing an aperitif in order to bring together parents of your children’s classmates so that you too, can learn the basics of coding. The event is fully supported by Digital Kidz.
  • Your engagement must be for at least one year, or more.
  • Your responsibility also consists of promoting to your child’s school, our partners specializing in the teaching of new technologies.

Your benefits

As a Digital Kidz Ambassador, you benefit from several advantages:

  • The opportunity to participate in our mission, supporting the learning of new technologies with the new generations so that they understand their importance and responsible usage.
  • Obtaining a 100% discount for your children, on each of the workshops that you organize yourself.
  • For all events related to new technologies that have partnered with Digital Kidz, you also benefit from discounts.
  • A  tech gift for the whole family with a value of CHF 100.-

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