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« Hello Ruby: coding adventure »

Written and illustrated by the Finnish developer Linda Liuka, “Hello Ruby” is a series of children’s books. Thanks to the latter, toddlers can learn programming and develop an interest in activities related to new technologies and the web.

The “Hello Ruby” book series has been and continues to be a great success with children and their parents. This has encouraged and enabled Linda Liuka to unleash her passion for teaching technology to the little ones. As a result, she has created a platform on which she has gathered books, games, exercises, and applications related to digital.

“Hello Ruby” the book is divided into several chapters. The first one highlights Ruby, the main character, and the basics of programming. Through appropriate exercises, children learn what algorithms are and how to use them. This allows them to understand the importance of commands in a programming sequence.

The second part of the book highlights Ruby’s friends. They are animals with specific characteristics that allow children to understand and know the main types of data on a computer. For example, the leopard represents the loop’s, while the fox represents events or conditions with the robot.

At Digital Kidz, we like this type of book that showcases coding, new technologies, and the Internet. These are abstract concepts that are not always easy to explain to parents. In the collection, we also find “Hello Ruby: journey inside a computer” and “Hello Ruby: inside a computer”.

With these books, you will be able to learn interesting notions about technology and support your children in their learning process.

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