What is Digital Kidz?

What is Digital Kidz?

Looking for a platform with the best offers for digital education in Switzerland? Digital Kidz has got you covered! Our platform provides a choice of the best applications and courses on new technologies for your children.

In today’s digital world, we make sure to provide you with the best opportunities for your children, so they learn while having fun.

Digital Kidz in brief

In order to help you accompany your children, we make sure that our services meet your expectations and their needs. That’s why, at Digital Kidz:

    1. We recommend more than 40 applications, robots and games related to new technologies. We have provided a thorough analysis and description to them all. Our review on each of them will help you choose the one that corresponds to your child’s age and level.
    2. We bring together the best children’s courses in Switzerland on new technologies.
    3. We offer you quick and easy to adopt advices that will help you parent, guide your children to evolve in their learning.
    4. To go even further in our support, we also provide you with a list of the best private and public organizations in Switzerland dedicated to digital education. They are available to all parents who are curious and concerned about their children’s evolution in the digital world. The organizations provide information in several languages: French, English, German, Italian.
    5. We also provide you with an agenda listing the best events and exhibitions on new technologies in Switzerland.
    6. We also provide weekly news on digital and new technologies.
    7. Digital Kidz is the result of 3 years of work, exciting experience and discovery of new technologies in the Silicone Valley. Our curiosity and love for new technologies have allowed us to learn more about the subject during our stay in the United States. This is how we set up this project upon our return to Switzerland and shared our experience with parents who wish to introduce their children to the concept.
    8. Digital Kidz’s mission is to give the children of our country, the ability to take advantage of the opportunities provided by new technologies, to discover their importance, and to use them wisely in order to be future actors in an ever growing digital world. Through the advice we provide, the courses and applications we recommend, your children will have the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about new technologies.
    9. Digital Kidz is a project that represents hours of training on the introduction of new technologies in education, and computer programming techniques as taught by the prestigious schools and universities of California (UCLA, Stanford, New Teachers Center, SiliconsSchools).
    10. At Digital Kidz, we try to bring together parents who understand the importance of the digital world, and who are committed to supporting their children in the responsible development of their skills through new technologies, so that they can be future actors and creators of tomorrow’s society.
    11. Finally, we also provide an “Ambassador” Program, which consists of encouraging parents to spread information on digital learning to their communities throughout Switzerland. By participating in our program, you benefit from the many advantages that we and our partners offer. Project begins from the start of the 2020 school year.