Digital Kidz. Who we are?

Digital Kidz: everything you must know!

We are surrounded by new technology every day of our lives. Indeed, it is present in all areas of activities and is an integral part of our daily lives, including those of children. That’s why it is important to guide and show them the best way to enjoy and use digital!

Who are we?

Just like you, we are parents who seek the well-being and development of their children through the learning of new technologies. Having lived in the United States, precisely in Silicon Valley, we have been able to immerse ourselves in the digital world.

Upon our return to Switzerland, we decided to share this need with parents, on all the benefits of introducing children to coding and the development of new technologies from an early age.



Hello, I’m Géraldine and, like many of you, I’m a parent. My passion for new technologies was born in the United States, while I was living in Silicone Valley. After discovering the wonders of digital and introducing my daughters to new technologies, I decided to share my experience and my passion for new technologies with parents. When I returned to Switzerland, the idea was to create a platform on which I could help many parents to access the best offers in this field. This is how Digital Kidz was born. The idea is to create communities in Switzerland thanks to this platform allowing parents who are curious and concerned about the success of their children, to quickly and with a few clicks, access  current and useful information on new technologies.

My main goals with this platform is to ensure children to know and understand better new technologies allowing them to have a positive impact on tomorrow’s world. In addition,  I am also committed to bring new technologies inclusive, accessible, equitable and fun to children.

It is with pleasure that I am part of the EU Codeweek Swiss Ambassador.

In 2020, I had the honour to be nominated among the 100 Digital Shapers of Switzerland by Bilanz and Handelzeitung.



Coding since I was 13 years old and currently working in a FinTech, I am also a student passionate about new technologies.

I have always been interested in technology and, not having had the chance to have any particular resources made available by my school, I learned to code my first applications in a self-taught way. Throughout my studies, I met more and more young people who, interested in digital technology like me, had discovered programming and who had also shared the same difficulties in their discovery of this world.

Since then, I have been convinced by the need to put in place initiations and courses that introduce us to the technologies surrounding us and the possibilities that arise from their use.

Digital Kidz brings solutions to the problems I encountered a few years ago and more thanks to an accompaniment intended for anyone, child, teenager or parent, interested in this new world around us.



I am tech strategist, mother of two, startup mentor and education enthusiast. I work for a large global technology company and speak at conferences about the future of technology and what our lives may look like ten years from now. I’m currently based out of Silicon Valley, USA and get to experience first-hand the impact of technology on our daily lives. 

I have no doubt that the digital immersion of our children will provide a rich life of entertainment, information and knowledge. But I also have concerns and face daily challenges of raising young children in a digital world. I would like to balance their digital exposure with real life experiences, of thinking one’s own thoughts, ideas and real conversations.

I’m excited to be part of an organization on a mission to equip young people with the digital skills necessary to thrive, both personally and professionally, in the 21st century.  I can’t think of a better way than DigitalKidz, where we are building a strong community around everything digital to guide parents, children, educators and anyone else interested!


PR Advisor

I am Camille, mother of two and HEC Lausanne Alumni. In my backpack, I have 8 years of PR experience from the Swiss watchmaking industry. As a true outdoor sports passionate, I like to bring my kids on adventures in nature but I’m also aware of the growing importance of the digital world, particularly for their generation. And a better understanding of everything digital will enable them to explore the positive potential of these technologies. I am convinced that learning the first steps of coding in a forest by using stones or flowers can really be fun for kids! The Digital Kidz community/website is a first stop on the web for us young parents who would like to better educate our kids on the digital world – the platform is a great resource and will answer a ton of questions we may have about it. A premiere in Switzerland!


Communication Manager

After my Master’s in International Management, I worked for the Swiss Watchmaking industry for 10 years. I then followed my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and launched my E-Commerce business early 2020. I am also a mother and a mountain lover ! Having travelled the world for many years, I have seen how trends are evolving fast around the globe and how important digital transformation is not only for companies but also for individuals to remain competitive and integrated into the society of today. Digital interactions are everywhere, whether through shopping online, sharing mountain pictures or exchanging with leisure communities. New technologies don’t mean any longer additional screen-time or becoming a “geek”. They are simply the new language through which people communicate and share their experiences with others. Just like we focused more on English rather than on Latin when the time came, for our young generation it is now crucial to master this new language in order to remain part of today’s world. My goal is to support this transformation in raising awareness and sharing information on all tools available for the children to learn how to think, read and write Digital. My ambition is that our future generations learn what has become the new English so that they can further share with others the beauty of what they see when they are not online.