What is Digital Kidz?

Digital Kidz is a mission based in Switzerland, which aims at positively popularize new technologies among children. Indeed, the digital world is evolving around the world and we found it necessary to share our knowledge of new technologies with children and young people.

Digital Kidz consists on informing you, parents, about the opportunities and benefits of digital literacy for your children. In this way, you will be able to better advise and guide them in their choices.

Although they are exciting and provide the future generation with handful opportunities, there is no institution in Switzerland that gather the offer of digital opportunities for children and young people. That is why we decided to create Digital Kidz.

It is simply an opportunity for you parents, to learn about different opportunities and possibilities offered by new technologies. This way, you will be able to effectively guide your children, young and old, in their personal and professional development through digital and coding. Rest assured because it is suitable for amateurs and those who are already vested on the subject.

On our website, we provide various offers to help children immerse themselves in the digital world and develop computational thinking that consists in solving problems or understanding human behaviors based on the key concepts of theoretical computer science:

  • Online and offline courses and other various programs (robotics, coding, video creation, app development, 3D printing).
  • Games and apps specially designed to help learning coding
  • Digital events and exhibitions in Switzerland.
  • The best coding applications to know for your children
  • Advice for parents on the subject of new technologies and how to implement them with your children. This simply means that we guide you into taking over your central role as a parent, so that you can help your children to be good digital citizens.
  • Ideas for digital well-being and a good balance of screens in the family

Our mission is to bring you together around an innovative universe, digital projects, events and many more. On top of that, all this information is available in English and in all national languages.

About Digital Kidz 

As we previously mentioned, digital is booming these days, and children are rapidly gaining access to new technologies. It therefore becomes necessary to guide them through their knowledge and use of it. Through our mission, you will be able to support your child in his learning of coding and digital tools.

The aim is to show them the many possibilities that new technologies have to offer. Thus, they will be able to use them wisely, intelligently and positively. This is also our goal, making sure that you and your children can make the most of digital.

We are aware that there are many programs and apps offering coding courses. However, these are not always reliable, and they do not necessarily take into account the age and level of your children. That’s why we provide you with adequate offers.

We do this by testing the various applications and programs we recommend. Once we are certain of their quality, we make them available to you on our website. We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities in the digital world, to provide you with the latest and up to date information.

The various programs or apps focus on programming, learning new technologies, robotics, coding and many others. This will help your child express his creativity and develop his computational thinking.

Digital Kidz’s mission goes far beyond. In addition to providing you with all this information, we also notify you in case of program updates, new trends, or risks associated with the use of digital tools.

The tools we promote on our website allow your children to develop several skills:

  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Respect for others
  • The ability to reason logically and strategically
  • Creativity and digital creation
  • Team spirit
  • Critical thinking, analysis and synthesis
  • Stress and emotions management
  • Communication