Courses and training in Switzerland

“Girls Can Code”

“Girls Can Code” is a Swiss-based initiative that aims to address the under-representation of women in the digital sector.

AI Readiness Training

Courses for adults: ImpactIA offers interactive seminars with the intervention of numerous multidisciplinary experts throughout French-speaking Switzerland.

Atelier et Stage Apple

Apple propose des stages et des ateliers pour enfants et adultes gratuit sous inscriptions

CodeCamp Switzerland

Code Camp - The playful entry into the creative world of programming

Coding A Story

Coding A Story offers introductory programming classes for ages 4-7 every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday


Eduka3d provides workshops and camps to discover various new technologies for children between 6 and 16 years old, but what especially differentiates Eduka3d is its workshop to learn how to manipulate 3D prinzing

Empowerment Lab

Empowerment Lab is a unique course offer for teaching new technologies. It is specially formulated for young girls between the age of 12 and 18.


Futurekids offers one of the most active Swiss computer science and robotic classes. They provide courses for young people from 5 to 16 years old

ImpactIA Fondation

ImpactIA's mission is to encourage and accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence in a sustainable and ethical manner at work.


LINK¡DS est une jeune start-up qui propose des ateliers ludiques et créatifs en ligne ou à domicile

Service de Promotion des Sciences de l’EPFL

L'EPFL s'engage à promouvoir les technologies auprès des jeunes en organisant de nombreux camps et formations

STEP Academy

STEP Academy Switzerland is part of a global network of private education centres developed in 21 countries.


TechLabs aims to encourage children and adults to discover new technologies through structured, project oriented camps, modules and workshops

TechSpark Academy

TechSpark Academy propose des cours, ateliers et des camps pour les jeunes de 8 à 18 ans.

Tekmania Learning Center

Tekmania Learning Center offers courses, summer camps and even “Drop in” days to introduce children to 21st century skills

Youth Intelligence Agency

The Youth Intelligence Agency teaches children in a fun way how technology, computers and robotics work.