CodeCamp Switzerland

Code Camp - The playful entry into the creative world of programming

Code Camp – The playful entry into the creative world of programming. Code Camp started in Australia in 2014 and immediately became a success story. To date, over 100,000 children have visited code camps, and CodeCamp’s tried and tested range of exciting camps arouses the enthusiasm of children aged 7-13. The children build their own personal game. In CodeCamp’s beginners courses Spark ”and“ Ignite ”they use simple drag & drop programming. In “Blast 3D” and “AR Creators”, CodeCamp then plunges into the world of line coding with JavaScript, the language of the Internet. And in “Web Builders” the children build their own website with CSS and HTML. In each camp, the children receive their personal access to Code Camp World and can use it to log in to the platform indefinitely and continue building, playing and sharing their games with friends in a secure environment.

This summer, Code Camp offers a carefree and safe experience with over 40 camps at 16 locations. And from July 2020 there will definitely be code camps online – as 1: 1 courses or in a small group with a maximum of 3 children via zoom. And if you just want to get a taste of Code Camp air, you can take part in one of our live challenges online.

Code Camp. 26/9/2017
Photo credit – James Horan