Wide Open School - online - Evénement permanent

Wide Open School by common sense: find high-quality ressources quickly, easily and in one place

Wide Open School is an initiative of Common Sense and its partners to find the best ressources quickly, easily and in one place and for free. Common Sense is collaborating with nonprofits and leading education and technology companies to features a free collection organized by grade and subjects.

Highly recommanded for parents to find a quick and safe solution adapted to every children in the family. Wide Open School offer many ways to personalize and customize according to the need of the children during schools are closed. It super easy to use and parents can just pick and choose without concern any inappropriate content. If your children speak English, that is a very good option to cope with the current situation and bring school to home.

Wide Open School is as well a very useful tools for educators!

It is worth having a look at Wide Opens School