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List of Computer Science Camps for February Break


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Futurekids 5-16  years old

Course in Basel ,Bern, Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne, Luzern, Montreux, Neuchâtel, Sion, Zürich

Onlin courses

Futurekids offers one of the most active Swiss computer science and robotic classes. They provide courses for young people from 5 to 16 years old, and their pedagogical approach is based on children’s play and their engagement.  They offer attractive and playful workshops and encourage teachers and educators to be patient when offering lessons to children. Futurekids offers fall camps for age-specific activities and programs across Switzerland. Find more information here



 Empowerment Lab  12-18 years old

Online course for February 

Empowerment Lab is a unique course offer for teaching new technologies. It is specially formulated for young girls between the age of 12 and 18, to encourage them to take an interest in digital and new technologies. Girls Tech Playground’s mission is to arouse young girls’ curiosity for new technologies through the creative aspects offered by digital. Through playful and attractive workshops, they will be able to develop their interest.  Find more information here here



TechSpark Academy  8-18 years old

 Ski & Digital  St-Moritz Valley

TechSpark Academy offers courses, workshops and camps for young people from 8 to 18 years old. With an extensive offer including programming, robotics, mobile application development, 3D creation, artificial intelligence or even game animation, children will be spoiled for choice and will be able to move towards the proposed course that interests them the most. The concept is to spark children’s interest in new technologies and prepare children for the digital world around them. The idea is also to make the workshops attractive and fun by providing courses in small groups with passionate experts. More information here


TechLabs from 7 years old 


TechLabs, based in Basel, aims to encourage children and adults to discover new technologies through structured, project oriented camps, modules and workshops focused on: Web HTML / CSS / JS; Raspberry Pi; Java ; Minecraft; 3D Design & Modeling; Robotics; Programming; Design Thinking & SDGs. TechLabs delivers a fun, engaging and educational experience based on its internally developed, Lehrplan21/Plan d’études/IB/ICGSE aligned programs.

More information here


CodeCamp from 7 years old


Code Camp – The playful entry into the creative world of programming. Code Camp started in Australia in 2014 and immediately became a success story. To date, over 100,000 children have visited code camps, and CodeCamp’s tried and tested range of exciting camps arouses the enthusiasm of children aged 7-13. The children build their own personal game. In CodeCamp’s beginners courses Spark ”and“ Ignite ”they use simple drag & drop programming. In “Blast 3D” and “AR Creators”, CodeCamp then plunges into the world of line coding with JavaScript, the language of the Internet. And in “Web Builders” the children build their own website with CSS and HTML. In each camp, the children receive their personal access to Code Camp World and can use it to log in to the platform indefinitely and continue building, playing and sharing their games with friends in a secure environment. More information  here 



Tekmania Learning Center from 7 years old


Tekmania Learning Center offers courses, summer camps and even “Drop in” days to introduce children to 21st century skills. Their next-generation activities and programs are designed for 7 to 14 years olds and cover robotics, programming, game animation and even virtual reality experiences. Parents and children are welcome to the “Drop in” days. More information here 



Youth Intelligence Agency  from 8 years old

Half day

The Youth Intelligence Agency teaches children in a fun way how technology, computers and robotics work. In their lessons, children gain a basic understanding of technology and learn what can be achieved with a little imagination and technology. Children meet regularly with digital scouts and talk to each other about technology and digital transformation. More information here


“Girls can code” from 8 years old


“Girls Can Code” is a Swiss-based initiative that aims to address the under-representation of women in the digital sector. To this end, “Girls Can Code” offers various activities to encourage young girls to take an interest in technology and possibly make them want to pursue a career in this field afterwards. Through introductory programming workshops (“Discovery Labs”) as well as periodic courses (Tech Labs) or courses with specific projects (“Impact Labs”) “Girls Can Code” undertakes to train young girls with the necessary skills in the field of technology. More information here


Coding A Story 8 to 11 years old

In Zürich

During February, Coding A Story offers courses  addressed  to children between 8 and 11 years old who would like to start learning coding and control a drone programmatically. The course consists of 3 sessions (2 hours) on 3 consecutive days and there will be a small group of maximum 6 children. They will learn during those 3 days basic concepts in coding, write instructions and algorithms for drone control with block programming and debugging and improving the algorithms and seeing the drones in action. After the course, children will have a basic understanding of programming and may start being interested in more complex coding tasks. Coding A Story offers as well coding courses every Saturday for children 4-7 years old. For more information on Saturday courses, please click here


Smartfeld  from 11 years old


Smartfeld is an educational laboratory integrated into the ecosystem of Startfeld startups. Smartfel offers summer camps under the theme of “digital entrepreneurship”. Young people will learn how to use innovative Design Thinking methods to solve problems creatively. Children will also be able to discover new technologies (VR, 3D printers, etc.) and try them out.More information here