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Tynker promotes learning coding through challenges, stories, animations, robot and throne controls

Based on child development
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Tynker literally means “tinkering”. In fact, the application perfectly bears its name, as it promotes learning coding through challenges, stories, animations, robot and throne controls.

Application Overview

Tynke is both an app and a website. The latter provides various online programming courses, as well as other services.

With the application, your child has a very good chance of learning how to code. It is inspired by Scratch and is based on learning coding through visual blocks. Users have the opportunity to put coding concepts into practice in order to create their games and control their robots.

Furthermore, step-by-step coding tutorials are available to guide them. The first levels introduce the basics concepts to help children get started. Once they progress, levels become more and more complex, to the point where they will be able to create their own stories and animations.

With more than 200 challenges integrated and a variety of universes (Codey’s Quest, Dragon Journey, Lost in Space, Laser Race, Crash Course) users will not be bored.

We like the fact that it is multilingual. Indeed, Tynker is available in English, French and German. However, not all features are translated from French to German and those are available in English. If your child can read English, he will have no difficulty.

We also find it interesting that the language of the application can be changed to Swift. This feature is interesting and used by those who already master the basics of programming.

Overall, Tynker is free. However, some features are not.




  • iPad Android


  • Ease of Play
  • Gamification and playfulness
  • Engagement
  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving oriented
  • Positive message
  • Educational
  • Design/quality
  • Quality of teaching
  • Collaboration
  • Develop Critical Thinking
  • Recommended for educators