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OSMO Coding Awbie

Osmo Awbie is using tangible plastic blocks of code representing the commands of a programming system

Based on child development
Ranking system


Osmo Awbie was developed by Play OSMO. Using tangible plastic blocks of code representing the commands of a programming system, children can arrange these blocks on their tablet screen and write a mini coding program so that a cute little character on the screen can get through the challenges to catch strawberries.

OSMO is a game system that has succeeded in adapting the initiation of programming beyond the screen, by allowing children to write mini programs while playing with their hands. It’s also a game that encourages collaboration between children, by giving them the opportunity to work together and find the best solutions to align the plastic code blocks in front on the tablet.

Moreover, it’s important to note that OSMO base is required to run Osmo games. The apps are downloadable from AppleStore and available only for iPad. The system is based on a red reflector above the camera that will be able to capture the commands or controls provided.

We like this learning system because it is both visual on the screen but at the same time palpable for children’s little hands. Indeed, most of them find it fun to learn with their hands. Osmo has developed different kits in the same genre and they are sold on their website PLAY OSMO

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  • iPad


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