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Kano computer Kit

Kano computer Kit est un kit d’ordinateur qui prône le concept « Do It Yourself »

Based on child development
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Kano computer kit is a computer kit based on the “Do It Yourself” concept. is a website that provides many articles on the learning of the basics of programming and help users understand what a computer is made of with its flagship product: a computer kit to assemble on your own and based on Raspberry Pi (see description of Raspberry Pi in the toy section).

Kano is an easy to assemble computer. As a matter of fact, children from 6/7 years old can easily do it. It is provided with all its main components: motherboard, memory card, loudspeaker, keyboard and connection cables. The guide explains in a very educational way how to mount the PC, step by step.

Therefore, anyone wishing to better understand what a computer is made of, can learn from scratch to assemble the components. In addition, they can learn the basics of programming, but also create their own graphic creations, animation and music.

Furthermore, Kano is an online community where everyone can share their creations. What we like most is the “Do It Yourself” process where users have the ability to learn from a very fun and playful approach. Indeed, your children will be able to learn how to code and assemble computers on their own.

Although online store delivers throughout Europe, it doesn’t provide deliveries in Switzerland. Therefore, you will have to get their kit via another means like Amazon. However, the price will be higher than the one available on the Kano store.

Before buying, we recommend you check all compatible versions with your computers and tablets on

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