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Snap! is a platform that has been created to facilitate the learning of computer coding for children

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Snap! is a platform that has been created to facilitate the learning of computer coding for children who are just beginning to learn this language.

Application Overview

As mentioned earlier, Snap! application makes it easier for younger children to learn computer programming. It is the equivalent of Scratch, and was developed by the University of California, Berkeley, USA.

Like Scratch, Snap! can be used by children from 8 years old. It introduces them to the fundamental concepts of programming and promotes a solid understanding of the logic behind them.

To do this, they must perform several actions while coding:

  • Move different characters
  • Getting them to talk at the right time
  • Positioning the blocks adequately, etc.

All these actions help children become aware of the logic behind programming. In this way, they will be able to develop the ability to structure their thinking and better understand their learning.

The application is easy to use. However, we recommend that children have a little knowledge of geometry. In addition, you will have to help them once they start or until they have had a little training in programming or at school.

We liked the fact that Snap! is divided into 3 separate screens:

  • The first one represents the final rendering of the game or the players’ creation.
  • The middle one represents the palette of code blocks

The third one presents the different characters that can be used to realize a project.

In addition to this, children can share their projects with Snap! online community.

Above all, there is no need to register to play. This is convenient, especially for parents who don’t necessarily want to create online accounts for their children.


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