HIP « Hide It Pro » is an application that effectively hides inappropriate applications and files.

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App Hider and Ghost app: popular services used by teenagers for hiding apps

Teenagers are very smart today and, to get around parental control, they use specific applications to hide files and unapproved content. These apps generally look like calculators and can be used as such. However, they have other functions, like hiding files. Good examples of these are iCalculator . Teenagers use them as hiding places and they are a good way of diverting parents’ attention to the inappropriate content, messages pictures, videos, and applications they may have. They can also be used to rename applications and change their icons. Additionally, these ghost apps work with passwords that only the owner knows and sets.

The most used ghost app by teenagers is definitely “Hide It Pro”. This software effectively hides inappropriate applications and files. By doing this, it disguises them so that they don’t appear in their normal form.

HIP is free to download from the App Store. Children can therefore easily access the software if they possess n iPhone or iPad. Once it is downloaded and installed, they can set up a PIN code and hide all their inappropriate content.

It is, therefore, easy for children to escape your control if they have this application. However, it easily recognizable, because HIP isn’t disguised on their smartphone’s home screen. If your children use it, you will see the app’s logo and take the appropriate measures to control what they are hiding.

On the other hand, the app is great for parents, as it allows them to keep certain content and files private from their children. It helps them limit the access they have when they are using the smartphone.

As you surely know, new technologies are part of our daily lives and those of our childrenWith all the dangers that exist on the Internet and which concern the misuse of digital technology, it is important to provide them with good supervision, in the use and learning of digital technologyWith this in mind, you will find more information on our pages Digital Citizenship and Practical Advises .  They provide some guidances to parents to help them discuss with their children what is the appropriate behaviour to have online.




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