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Grasshoper by Google

Grasshopper, created by Google introduces young people and adults to JavaScript on mobile phones

Based on child development
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Grasshopper is an application created by Google to introduce young people and adults to JavaScript on mobile phones.

Application Overview

With Grasshopper application, children have the opportunity to learn the basics of JavaScript computer language programming from their smartphones. Through fun exercises and tutorials available, they will discover how the language works.

The activities available in the application are interactive and allow children and teenagers to learn the fundamental concepts of coding, including the creation of animations. However, the app is in English and it is necessary to have a little knowledge of the language in order to understand the exercises and tutorials.

We like that Grasshoper focuses on teaching JavaScript language, instead of focusing on the logic of coding like many other similar applications.


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  • iPad iPod Touch Android Iphone


  • Ease of Play
  • Gamification and playfulness
  • Engagement
  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving oriented
  • Positive message
  • Educational
  • Design/quality
  • Quality of teaching
  • Collaboration
  • Develop Critical Thinking
  • Recommended for educators
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