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Code Spark

Code Spark is a coding application designed for children which introduces visual code block method

Based on child development
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Code Spark is a coding application designed for children from 5 and 10 years old. It introduces programming to younger children using the visual code block method. It is easy to assimilate, since they will not have to write. To progress and learn to code, children solve challenges based on stories.

Application Overview

As mentioned above, learning coding on Code Spark is done using the block programming method. This means that the instructions are given from blocks arranged on the screen, which your child will have to use to solve the problems or challenges provided.

With its beautiful interface and quality design, Code Spark appeals to both boys and girls. Learning is done through fun games. Moreover, in the universe set up by the application, little monsters move in a city full of police and buildings. In order to evolve, children must pass the different levels by solving the challenges.

To do so, they must use the blocks of code provided by dragging them to the right place on the screen. At the end of each level, stars are awarded to them as a token of their success and evaluation of their programming level. As they progress, the levels are more difficult. The difficulty tests their limits and motivates them further.

Although the application is in English, it is easy to use. Children don’t need to be able to read or know the language since the app interface is designed without words.

Parents and educators also have the ability to have more information about the app and how it works. Their website is available in case the need arises. It provides useful instructions and interactive activities (puzzles, creative projects ad game design).

What we like most of all is the star reward system available on the application. This not only encourages children, but also allows them to know their level and to improve it if necessary. Indeed, if they are not satisfied with the number of stars they have obtained, they can replay a level in order to obtain more.

We also like the abundance of information for parents, even if you need to have a minimum mastery of English.




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