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Candli is an application for creating games that combine traditional design with visual programming

Based on child development
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Candli is one of the products developed by Enlightware, a spin-off of ETH Zurich. The idea of ​​this application is to combine the traditional creation (drawings, paintings,) of your children and to incorporate them into a video game imagined by children with their own rules. Very intuitive because it is easy to build thanks to the visual programming. In a few clicks, children will be able to create a unique universe in a fully personalized game.

Digital Kidz really likes this original way of combining everyone’s creativity with a digital solution straddling the real world and the virtual world. This application is very fun and can be discovered from the age of 8. It does not require any pre-requisites in programming, it will suffice to scan the drawings and define some rules using programming blocks already incorporated in the software. After consulting the brief tutorial, children can directly create their own games and even share them with family and friends using the QR code linked to their creation. This fun app is currently free.


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