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Blockly Games is a series of games to teach coding to children who have no knowledge on the…

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Blockly Games is a series of games created by Google. Its objective is to teach coding to children who have no knowledge on the subject. It is totally free and available through any online browser. It is also possible to download it to use it offline.

Application Overview

Blockly Games is perfect for children who have no previous knowledge in coding. It provides many activities that will enable them to learn the basics of programming at their own pace.

On top of that, it is totally free. No need to spend money. Blockly Games is available on any browser or as a download for offline use.

To learn coding, children can take advantage of the various games provided on Blockly, including:

  • ‘Puzzles’: these also provide a short introduction to explain how blocks work and how they are combined.
  • ‘Maze’ or ‘Labyrinth’: Introduces loops and conditions, two fundamental concepts of programming.
  • ‘The Bird’: which addresses conditions.
  • ‘The turtle’: which introduces loops.
  • ‘The film’: which helps to learn how to calculate to animate a film.
  • ‘Pond tutorial’: which allows children to learn how to use distances and angles.
  • ‘Pond’: a game that allows you to program ducks using JavaScript or blocks.

We like Blockly Games series because its graphics are simple and easy to use, both for children and adults. On top of that, it is multilingual and everyone can make use of it.

Moreover, the program also allows children to develop a strong sense of independence. Indeed, they will be able to learn to work on their own, without needing your help.

We also recommend it to parents who don’t have a basic knowledge of coding and who would like to learn.




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